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Hypotheses in the life sciences moves to new publisher


August 2014.

Hypotheses in the Life Sciences and Buckingham Univerity Press are pleased to announce that HyLS has found a new and expanded home with MDPI, a leading publisher of open access scientific journals. HyLS is now a section in the leading life sciences journal Life.

Life hopes to continue HyLS' tradition of publishing innovative, challenging ideas in the life sciences. Life operates a peer review system, but as Editor of the Hypotheses section of Life I aim to use peer review to help authors improve their work rather than to stop them getting published. So please continue to submit to us in our new home

This web site is no longer accepting submissions to HyLS. If you have a paper you would like to submit to Life/Hypotheses in the Life Sciences, please use the MDPI web site form at this address. You will need to register with MDPI: our apologies, but it was not possible to transfer HyLS registrations to MDPI.

Meanwhile, I will keep the original HyLS web site up as an archive and reference for the research community.

With thanks to Buckingham University press, our readers, and most of all to the authors who trusted us with their ideas in this, our first incarnation,

William Bains
Editor, HyLS, 2011 - 2014
Editor, Hypothesis in the Life Sciences section, Life.


Posted: 2014-08-08

ISSN: 2042-8960